Our Iceland adventure was a journey that took us back in time, to a land that is still being forged by fire and ice. A shatteringly beautiful, but unforgiving landscape that felt as if it was purpose built to test the Land Rover Discovery to its limits.


Our adventure started in Reykjavik, the tiny but vibrant capital. Behind the wheel of the assured and comfortable Land Rover Discovery we were soon out in the vast barren snowbound wilderness.

We followed the famous Route 1, Iceland’s main, and in some areas only road. Heading south on our way to the black sands of Stokkseyri, we passed waterfalls and ravines that defy imagination. But we were focused on the challenge ahead; shifting, wet sand that would test both vehicle and driver.

Looping round to the north again, we travelled inland, grateful for the sure-footed handling and effortless power of the Discovery on the icy tracks and across the volcanic, almost lunar lava beds.

As we journeyed towards the Langjokull glacier the windscreen of the Discovery seemed like a picture gallery showing us the planet’s most dramatic sights, from a 30 metre geyser to waterfalls so powerful they produced not one but two rainbows.

Iceland. An adventure like no other that revealed the power and majesty of the elements.

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