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Land Rovers have always been built for adventure, designed to be just as capable off-road tackling the toughest terrain as they are cruising along the highway or navigating city streets. When you get behind the wheel of a vehicle as refined as a Range Rover, you might think twice about driving it through mud, floods, deserts and cyclones, but passionate Land Rover customer Trevor Howard has never had any such reservations. He understands, from personal experience, that all vehicles in the Land Rover stable are built to last.

Trevor has long been a Land Rover owner, starting with a Series 1 when he was a teenager, before eventually buying a Range Rover TDV8 - the sixth out of seven he has owned and his favourite by far. As a construction manager with an earthmoving business working mainly on country roads, it was not uncommon for him to travel 600 kilometres a day. The TDV8 was a tireless performer for Trevor, with outstanding suspension for ride comfort, and a drive that was responsive and safe under all conditions.


But it was when Trevor drove the TDV8 to visit his daughter, first in Fremantle and then Broome, that he really discovered what the car was capable of. Undertaking adventures in challenging conditions - like cyclones, floods, and dodging local wildlife - were all in a day’s driving for Trevor and his wife, Mary.

Driving home during a cyclone between Broome and Derby along the low coastal road, water was streaming off the land and flowing out to sea. There aren’t any road markers along this stretch of road, instead rock beds are laid to stop road erosion. Driving through very deep water, all Trevor could see was a vast expanse of water, and he would keep hitting the rocks with his tyres to make sure he stayed on the road. At times it felt like driving a small motor boat, but the TDV8 never missed a beat. It would sway in the direction of the current, but maintaining a speed of 15 - 20km/hr, over an hour and a half of travel time covering 50 - 60km, Trevor emerged from the flooded roads. His was the last car to get through before the road was closed.


Local wildlife can also be a hazard when you’re traversing the outback by car. From kangaroos to cows, Trevor has had more than a few close encounters. On one occasion an emu followed by its chicks darted out onto the road, coming so close to the car Trevor is certain he took some tail feathers off. He was able to pull up a three tonne vehicle travelling at 110km/h to a dead stop without any issues. The TDV8 braked cleanly, with no twisting or spinning of the vehicle.

After so many memorable journeys - including six 4000km return trips to Fremantle, four 11,000km return trips to Broome, and driving 10 times across the Nullabor - Trevor has clocked up an incredible 860,000km in the Range Rover TDV8 and it’s still going strong. And he’s not done yet. Now based in the Grampians he plans to drive to Adelaide several times and would like to fit in another trip to Broome. After checking the brakes, steering and tyres are good to go before setting out, it won’t be long before Trevor passes the magic 1 million kilometre mark in a car that has never let him down.