Finding the perfect wave takes an incredible amount of passion and a keen sense of adventure. It’s what world-renowned surfer Sally Fitzgibbons lives for, and why her road trip in the All-New Discovery took her to Comerong Island, a breeding ground for sharks but an incredible surfing destination.

Sally’s journey began with a challenging drive through rocky terrain, muddy back roads and soft sand, but ended with a magical moment in the ocean. All-New Discovery’s Wi-Fi Hotspot allowed her to find the best location, where she braved the cold southern seas to pursue her passion. And by wearing the Activity Key wristband, she didn’t need to worry about anything but the surf.

The All-New Discovery helped Sally to go above and beyond in pursuit of the perfect wave.


The Activity Key wristband is an optional extra that makes living life to the full even easier. Use it to lock or unlock your All-New Discovery when you have your hands full or prefer not to carry a key fob. The wristband is robust and fully waterproof, enabling you to enjoy a range of activities.


All-New Discovery’s powerful in-car 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot is there to keep you and your passengers connected while on the move. Up to 8 devices can be connected to the internet, enabling you to keep up with work, life and entertainment.


All-New Discovery’s seven full-size seats exemplify comfort and versatility. Optional Intelligent Seat Fold allows you to configure the second and third row seating using cargo space switches or the main Touchscreen. You can also remotely configure seating without being in the car, via the InControl Remote smartphone app.



James Viles' journey began in the Northern Territory, where he battled crocodile infested waters, snakes, and temperatures over 40 degrees.

As a chef, he’s always searching for new produce to cook with. That’s why his journey took him up north where a whole pantry of underused ingredients exists. With the help of the All-New Discovery, James found these hidden delicacies located in the most challenging of spots. Using the wade sensor, he crossed dangerous waters to find water lilies, and penetrated dense bushland to find Pandanus nut trees filled with weaver ants.

Thanks to the All-New Discovery, he was able to go above and beyond to find the best ingredients Australia had to offer.


With a class-leading wading depth of up to 900mm, the optional Wade Sensing Feature can prove invaluable. Unique to Land Rover, sensors located in the door mirrors give the driver pictorial, real-time information about the water’s depth in relation to the vehicle, as well as maximum wading capability via the touchscreen.


Our Powered Gesture Tailgate lets you to operate the tailgate outside the vehicle without physically touching your vehicle or Smart Key. When the Smart Key is detected, the feature can be operated by kicking underneath the vehicle to activate the sensors on either side of the tailgate. A powered inner tailgate is also available, acting as a seating or loading platform, or upright luggage retainer.


As part of InControl Connect Pro, Pro Services include Wi-Fi Hotspot and a number of connected navigation features including real time traffic information, live parking availability (including prices, where available) and street level images. With the InControl Route Planner smartphone app, you can send destinations straight from your phone to the car, plus access pedestrian or public transport directions to your destination once you’ve parked.



The All-New Discovery helped Craig move quickly through the sand, where he was lucky enough to get an unexpected shot of wild emus running through the hills. The powered gesture tailgate gave him easy access to his drone, so he could locate the sea’s playful creatures and brave Great White territory in Coffin Bay just to catch the perfect moment.

With the All-New Discovery, Craig could go above and beyond in pursuit of the ultimate shot.

See the full collection of Craig Parry’s award-winning marine and landscape prints.


A standard feature in the All-New Discovery, Hill Descent Control makes for a capable and composed drive. It assists you with controlled descents of difficult slopes by maintaining a constant speed and applying braking separately to each wheel.


Stay constantly connected no matter where you sit with up to 9 USB ports spread throughout the interior. By connecting to the in-car Wi-Fi and plugging in their mobile or tablet, passengers can stay full charged and entertained for the duration of their journey.


View images with ease using the Land Rover iPad holder. The optional attachment makes hands-free viewing easy, especially for younger passengers who demand entertainment wherever they go. It can be easily positioned in multiple angles for the ideal practical comfort.



Our four exceptional Australians began their journey with four distinct reasons and the All-New Discovery. They were able to go above and beyond in pursuit of their passions, and their journeys end with unforgettable experiences around Australia. Here are their moments behind the camera.



Remote unsealed roads, creeks, soft sand, crocodile infested waters, deep puddles, muddy landscape and rocky terrain. That’s the harsh landscape that faced our four Australians as they took on the most challenging ground in the continent.


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