From starter motors to more expensive components such as Entertainment Systems, air conditioning units and gearboxes, Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty allows you to enjoy continued peace of mind after your three-year Manufacturer Warranty expires. You can be sure that your Land Rover will be in the best possible hands, with all repair work carried out by Land Rover approved technicians and only genuine Land Rover parts fitted to your car.

Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty Insurance helps prolong the life of your Land Rover and maintain its value. That’s why Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty Insurance makes great sense when it comes to protecting your investment.

Flexible choice of Warranty term
Choose from 12 or 24 months up to 200,000 Kms.

Repair Limits to suit your budget
Cover up to the market value of your vehicle per repair, up to the purchase price of your vehicle.

Generous cover for components
Extensive warranty protection, with cover for over 4,500 vehicle components.

Roadside Assistance - Premium
Included as part of the Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty Insurance is 12 or 24 months Roadside Assistance cover Includes cover for the following:

- Flat or faulty batteries

- Emergency Fuel

- Petrol/Diesel

- Flat Tyres

- General Roadside assistance

- Emergency Vehicle Access

- Towing/transportation (if the vehicle cannot be mobilised)

- Hotel accommodation assistance

- Rental vehicle

- Alternative transport assistance

- Legal advice

- Medical advice

- Property assistance

Fully transferable
Your Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty Insurance can be transferred to a new owner when you sell your vehicle privately, potentially adding to your vehicle’s resale value.

Quality guaranteed
Repairs completed for accepted claims are guaranteed for the life of the warranty.

Land Rover Assured Warranty Extended Insurance provides cover similar to the original manufacturer’s new vehicle warranty.*

In the event of a mechanical failure, Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty Insurance covers your vehicle for all original components including (but not limited to):

- Engine 

- Transmission

- Driveline 

- Steering

- Air conditioning & heating

- Engine cooling & fuel systems

- Electronics

- All electrical systems

- Anti-lock brakes

- Traction & stability systems

- Engine computers

- Torsion bars

- Engine mounts

- Suspension componentry

- Liftgate, door, & window mechanics

- Turbo & supercharger

- Sunroof - And much more!

Choose Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty Insurance for 12 or 24 months, up to 200,000 Kms.

Quality guaranteed
* Components listed may not be covered under certain events or if the conditions of cover are not followed. For full details on terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of this product,please consult the PDS available to you from your Land Rover retailer.

Your Land Rover is essential to your lifestyle. Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty Insurance gets your vehicle back on the road sooner, and our quality guaranteed repairs will help keep it there longer.

Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty Insurance (“warranty”) is provided by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited (Allianz) ABN 15 000 122 850, AFS Licence No. 234708. Jaguar Land Rover Australia Pty Ltd, ABN 86 004 352 238 and their authorised dealers act as agents of Allianz and not your agent. Limits apply to the benefits you can claim. For full terms and conditions of cover, please refer to the Land Rover Assured Extended Warranty Insurance Policy document available from your Land Rover dealer.
Any advice given here does not take into consideration your specific circumstances, financial situation or needs, which you should consider before buying this product.

Please contact your nearest Land Rover dealership for more details.


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