Reassurance for your Land Rover

For the first three years after the purchase of your Land Rover you will enjoy all the benefits of a fully-comprehensive Manufacturer Warranty and Roadside Assistance package. If any part needs repairing or replacing due to a manufacturing fault, the work will be done by a Land Rover Approved Service Centre using genuine Land Rover parts, all free of charge.

For full details of the warranty, contact your nearest dealership.

Parts and Accessories Warranty

With this Warranty, if any part or accessory needs to be repaired or replaced, the work will be done by a Land Rover Approved Service Centre, free of charge.

This Warranty covers every genuine part or accessory purchased from a Land Rover Approved Service Centre or Land Rover Approved Parts Distributor.

Accessories fitted to a new vehicle

When genuine Land Rover accessories are fitted to your new car by a Land Rover Approved Service Centre, you’ll enjoy the same terms and period of coverage as you did under the Manufacturer Warranty. A ‘new’ car is a car within one month of purchase or 1,600 kilometres, whichever comes first.

General conditions

Our parts and accessories comply with Land Rover’s safety and reliability standards, so we strongly recommend you only choose genuine Land Rover parts and accessories for your car.

Other parts and accessories have not been tested and approved by Land Rover, so we aren’t able to evaluate their quality. Any damage caused by non-genuine Land Rover parts or accessories is not covered by the Warranty.

Corrosion Protection Warranty

If any part of your Land Rover’s bodywork is corroded with rust, the affected panels are repaired or replaced by a Land Rover Approved Service Centre, free of charge.

Regardless of mileage or any change of ownership, this coverage lasts six years from the day you take delivery of your new Land Rover.

Land Rover Assist

Land Rover Assist has been designed to give you total peace of mind. You can drive your Land Rover with the security of knowing that one phone call deliver help Australia-wide, at any time of the day or night. You and your Land Rover will be back on the road as quickly as possible, with minimum inconvenience.

If you require assistance simply call Land Rover Assist toll free number 1800 819 181, anywhere, any time in Australia.

For Land Rover Roadside Assist Renewals, information and T&Cs (run by our supplier - Allianz) click here.

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