The action-packed Defender Rally Series returns for 2023, after a thrilling and highly competitive first season. Run by off-road performance specialists Bowler, the unstoppable Defender is the perfect fit to grow the series in the UK and beyond, as competitors face the toughest of conditions, which demands a vehicle that is both capable and durable.

The rally series is open to novices and competition veterans, and sees 12 teams participate across nine events. The UK Championship is based over seven rounds in identical Defender rally cars, and includes both Gravel and Hill Rallies throughout Scotland, England and Wales.

Land Rover Defender climbing the mountain

Entrants in the Defender Rally Series by Bowler gain valuable rally driving experience. With support and training offered by Bowler, they have the opportunity to progress to competitions in the UK and internationally. The UK Championship delivers an incredible team atmosphere, with camaraderie built among teams, while still providing a competitive experience. Full technical support is on hand from Bowler Works Crew at every event, enabling participants to focus on the unrivalled buzz of driving in the rallies.

Bowler General Manager Calum McKechnie said, “The 2022 Defender Bowler Championship has exceeded expectations on all fronts. As we anticipated, the latest generation Defender has proven to be a highly capable and extremely tough rally car which continues to surprise and thrill anyone who has experienced it. It has delivered incredibly close competition amongst the teams whilst still competing aggressively against the competition in the open rounds.”

Defender drifting on the dust

Bowler is pleased to offer this unique rally-driving experience to motorsport enthusiasts in a vehicle that can effortlessly handle the demands and rigours of challenging off-road race conditions, embodying the spirit and pedigree of Bowler. You can find out more here.