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A comprehensive manufacturer's warranty is a feature of every Land Rover vehicle. Find out what's covered, what your responsibilities are and what benefits you can expect if you need to call on it.

Owner's Responsibilities

Your owner's handbook and service portfolio describe the proper care of your vehicle. Make sure that all the required maintenance is performed, including regular cleaning of bodywork, and that the materials used meet Land Rover engineering specifications.

Service Requirements

Routine services must be carried out throughout the life of the vehicle. Traditionally, a service would be due after a vehicle has reached a certain mileage or elapsed time. The Flexible Service on your vehicle takes into account individual driving styles and conditions to determine when a service is due.

Your vehicle is fitted with a service interval indicator in the instrument panel. When a service is due, and when the ignition is switched on, the relevant service message and estimated distance to the next service is displayed.

On completion of a service, the instrument panel countdown feature is reset.

Anti - Corrosion Warranty

Should any part of the bodywork of the vehicle be perforated by rust corrosion, the panels affected by the perforation will be repaired or replaced by any Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer, completely free of charge, regardless of any change in vehicle ownership.

The anti-corrosion warranty begins at the same time as the vehicle warranty and continues for a period of six years.

The term 'perforation' means a hole that penetrates through the bodywork caused by corrosion from the inside or underside as a result of faulty manufacture or materials.

Making a Claim

If you wish to make a claim on the warranty, visit your Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer and have the service portfolio available. In the vast majority of cases the Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer will be able to carry out the repair immediately. However, you should note that occasionally the nature of the repair may require the Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer to obtain authority from Land Rover before proceeding.

Warranty Cover When Touring

Land Rover has a comprehensive service network in most parts of the world. Any Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer can carry out repairs under the Land Rover Warranty. Under normal circumstances, you should not be required to pay for any warranty work at the time it is performed by a Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer.

When touring, it is your responsibility to produce the service portfolio issued with your vehicle (which establishes your right to warranty coverage and the relevant maintenance and service materials). If you are unable do so, the Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer should seek advice from Land Rover or the local importer or national sales company.

Under exceptional circumstances, you may be asked to pay for repairs that are in fact covered by the Land Rover warranty. If so, you should retain the invoice and, where practical, any replaced parts so that upon your return home your local Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer can arrange for prompt reimbursement as appropriate.



Should any part of the vehicle require repair or replacement as a result of a manufacturing defect, the part will be repaired or replaced completely free of charge by any Land Rover dealer/Authorised Repairer, regardless of any change of vehicle ownership during the period of cover.

Tyre defects are covered separately by the tyre manufacturer. However, your Land Rover dealer/Authorised Repairer will assist you with any tyre claim.

The vehicle warranty starts on the day that the vehicle is delivered to the first retail customer and continues for three years 100,000 km.

Note that only genuine Land Rover accessories fitted by a Land Rover dealer/Authorised Repairer, within 1 month/1,600 km (whichever occurs first) of the handover of a new vehicle will benefit from the same warranty terms and period of cover as the new vehicle warranty.

All new vehicles sold on or after 1st June 2018 will benefit from Jaguar Land Rover Regional Warranty. The vehicle is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty terms in the region to which it was delivered by Jaguar Land Rover for first sale as new through the Jaguar Land Rover appointed network or other legally authorised sales outlet. Specifications and warranty may differ in other regions.

If the vehicle is to be registered or used in another region, further activation may be required and exclusions may apply and warranty conditions may be affected. For the purpose of warranty, regions are defines as USA, China, Europe & UK (excluding Turkey), Turkey, Russia, Overseas, Australia & New Zealand, Africa, Middle East & North Africa, and Latin America.

For further information, please contact a Land Rover Authorised Service Centre in your country.

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Vehicle warranty


The vehicle warranty does not cover items that are subject to adjustment or replacement during normal service or maintenance operations. In addition, Land Rover is not responsible for any repair or replacement that is required as a direct result of:

- Normal wear and tear

- Failure to properly maintain the vehicle in accordance with Land Rover's maintenance schedules and service instructions

- Refilling or topping-up with incorrect fuel, e.g. petrol used instead of diesel

- Failure to use Land Rover specified parts or fluids (or parts of equivalent quality)

- Damage resulting from neglect, accident, or improper use

- Unauthorised modifications of the vehicle or parts (modifications outside of Land Rover specifications).

Paint surface and anti-corrosion warranty


Land Rover is not responsible for any repair or replacement that is required as a direct result of the following:

- Failure to properly maintain paint and bodywork by regular cleaning in accordance with Land Rover's instructions

- Failure to rectify on a timely basis any paint or corrosion damage recorded in the service portfolio by a Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer at the time of the annual inspection

- Factors beyond Land Rover's control, such as natural hazards (salt, industrial fall-out, storm damage, acid rain) and damage (including stone chips, scratches and use of unsuitable cleaning agents)

- Accident repairs using materials or methods of repair that have not been approved by Land Rover

- Alterations of the vehicle from Land Rover's original specification.

Other exclusions


The Land Rover Warranty excludes liability for any lost time, inconvenience, loss of transportation, or any other incidental or consequential damage you (or anyone else) may incur as a result of a defect covered by this warranty.


Land Rover Extended Warranty Insurance helps prolong the life of your Land Rover and maintain its value. That’s why Land Rover Extended Warranty Insurance makes great sense when it comes to protecting your investment.

Assured Warranty


Should the paint surface of the vehicle body require attention due to a defect in material or applications, any necessary repairs will be performed completely free of charge by any Land Rover retailer/Authorised Repairer.
This applies regardless of any change in vehicle ownership during the period of cover. The paint surface warranty's period of cover begins at the same time as the vehicle warranty and continues for a period of three years.

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Should you need more information about any aspect of the warranty on your vehicle, please contact your nearest Land Rover retailer


A 12 month warranty is provided with Land Rover Genuine Parts. This covers the cost of any parts that need replacement or are used in the repair of your Land Rover. All repairs are carried out in a Land Rover Approved Service Centre using Land Rover Genuine Parts.

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