Some of Australia’s most promising tech founders gathered in the Daintree Rainforest for the 2023 Summit Expedition. Like Defender, they embrace the impossible, which is why we were thrilled to provide a fleet of vehicles that could tackle the rugged terrain they encountered during their trip.

An elite group of high-tech entrepreneurs, they are part of a community called Innovation Bay who come together to help each other navigate the challenges of starting and growing a tech business. Defender was keen to be a part of the Summit because of the values it shares with Innovation Bay. Like Defender, this is a collective that understands the world is full of potential and they are driven to chase the exceptional. They understand there is always more to achieve, and operate with purpose and integrity.

Over a four-day intensive retreat, these entrepreneurs were able to talk openly about their journey, and offer each other support and advice. They also enjoyed a number of rewarding and memorable experiences, like welcome-to-country ceremonies conducted by Indigenous elders; a personal transformation workshop; joining Indigenous locals to learn the art of fishing in croc-infested waters; and the Defender challenge.


The Defender challenge was a driving challenge created by the Defender experience team, with the fleet of Defenders provided for the trip put to the test in the remote dirt-road environment. Attendees got behind the wheel while off-road driving instructors gave directions via walkie-talkie. The uneven dirt roads were no match for the Defender, as steep hills were ascended with ease, before drivers switched the vehicle into hill-descent mode, which autonomously controls the brakes and maintains safety and balance on steps declines.

Throughout the Summit Expedition, the Defender proved to be unstoppable, effortlessly transporting the attendees across diverse landscapes, from swollen river crossings to muddy, rock-strewn tracks. The extraordinary group of people who are a part of Innovation Bay share that unstoppable spirit, and left the Summit inspired to do more and achieve greatness in their businesses and their lives.

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