Defender Ambassador Sam Evans, it’s hard to beat a road trip in a Defender wherever the journey takes you. But when that road trip is through the gorgeous Tuscan countryside in the highly desirable and seriously capable Defender 110, it takes road-tripping to a whole new level.

Defender 110’s impressive versatility and responsive technology effortlessly elevated Evans’ trip as he navigated through the picturesque twists and turns of a very special pocket of the world.

We spoke with Sam after his memorable getaway to find out more about the region and how the Defender 110 performed.

What makes Tuscany a great summer destination for a road trip?

Tuscany, with its captivating landscapes, charming hilltop towns, and rich cultural heritage, becomes an idyllic summer destination for a road trip. The region offers a perfect blend of scenic countryside, vineyards, and historic cities, creating a diverse and immersive experience for travellers. The warm weather and long daylight hours during the summer allow for extended exploration and photography, making it an ideal time to capture the beauty of Tuscany in all its glory.

What are some essential inclusions on a Tuscan itinerary?

When planning a Tuscan road trip, some essential inclusions on the itinerary would be:

● Florence: The birthplace of the Renaissance, Florence boasts iconic landmarks such as the Duomo, Uffizi Gallery and Ponte Vecchio.
● Siena: Known for its medieval architecture and the famous Palio horse race, Siena offers a unique historical atmosphere.
● Chianti Wine Region: Explore the vineyards, sample the world-renowned Chianti wines, and savour authentic Tuscan cuisine.
● Val d'Orcia: A UNESCO World Heritage site, this area is filled with picturesque rolling hills, cypress-lined roads, and charming villages like Montalcino and Pienza. This was where the majority of my drone footage was shot.
● San Gimignano: Admire the medieval towers of this hilltop town, a UNESCO-listed site, and enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding countryside.


What were the highlights of your trip?

During my road trip to Tuscany with the Defender 110, some of the unforgettable highlights were:

● Driving through the scenic countryside: The Defender's rugged capabilities allowed me to venture off the beaten path, exploring remote and breathtaking locations inaccessible to ordinary vehicles.
● Capturing the sunrise and sunset: Tuscany's magical light and landscapes offered fantastic opportunities for photography.
● Wine tasting in Chianti: With ample storage space in the Defender, I could bring back some exquisite Chianti wines to savour the memories back home.

How did the Defender 110 elevate your Tuscan road trip experience?

The Defender 110 played a pivotal role in elevating my Tuscan road trip experience in multiple ways:

● Off-road capabilities: Tuscany's rural areas and dirt tracks were easily accessible with the Defender's exceptional off-road performance, allowing me to venture into hidden gems and experience the true essence of the region.
● Comfort and space: The Defender's spacious and well-appointed interior provided a comfortable driving environment for long journeys, ensuring I was relaxed and ready to explore each day.
● Versatility: Whether navigating through medieval towns or cruising on scenic highways, the Defender's adaptability made it the perfect companion for any type of terrain or driving condition.
● Reliability: Knowing that I had a robust and dependable vehicle like the Defender allowed me to focus on the journey and immerse myself in the beauty of Tuscany without any worries.


What are some of the Defender 110 performance features you used to tackle the Tuscan countryside?

The Defender 110's impressive performance features that were particularly useful for tackling the Tuscan countryside include:

● All-Terrain Capability: The advanced all-wheel-drive system and Terrain Response technology allowed me to effortlessly switch between driving modes, adapting to different terrains like gravel, mud or grass.
● Ground Clearance: The Defender's generous ground clearance ensured I could confidently navigate uneven and rocky paths without fear of scraping the undercarriage.
● Dynamic Stability: The vehicle's stability and traction control systems provided a smooth and controlled drive, even on winding roads or when facing unexpected obstacles.
● Hill Descent Control: This feature was invaluable while descending steep hills or slopes, offering controlled braking without the need to apply constant pressure on the brake pedal.

What makes the Defender 110 the perfect choice for any road trip?

The Defender 110 stands out as the perfect choice for any road trip due to its unique combination of features:

● Durability and reliability: The Defender's robust build and proven engineering ensure that it can handle challenging road conditions and remote locations with ease, providing peace of mind for any adventure.
● Comfort and spaciousness: With ample room for passengers and luggage, the Defender guarantees a comfortable and enjoyable journey, no matter the distance.
● Versatility: Whether driving through cities, along highways, or off the beaten track, the Defender's versatility and adaptability make it suitable for any road trip itinerary.
● Iconic design: The timeless and iconic design of the Defender evokes a sense of adventure and exploration, adding to the allure of any memorable road trip.

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