What finance terms can I have under the Land Rover Guaranteed Future Value Program?

Currently, we offer terms of 12, 24, 36 and 48 months in conjunction with the Land Rover Guaranteed Future Value Program.

What happens if I exceed the kilometre limit?

The kilometre limit is set at the start of your contract. If you exceed it, there is an excess kilometre charge that will reduce the value of your Guaranteed Future Value.

Is the Land Rover Guaranteed Future Value Program available on all Land Rover vehicles?

The Land Rover Guaranteed Future Value Program is available across a range of new and demonstrator Land Rover vehicles. Please talk to your local Land Rover dealer to confirm which models are eligible for the program.

Can I finance any factory options, warranty and insurance under the program?

Yes. Factory fitted options, warranty and certain insurance products are eligible for inclusion on the finance contract. Your Business Manager will be able to provide you with more information.

What is the ‘acceptable condition’ of a vehicle?

This takes into account a vehicle’s age, kilometres and overall covering condition from mechanics to bodywork, electrics to upholstery and Fair Wear and Tear which is the amount of deterioration that would be reasonable.