liv phyland walking in front of red range rover evoque convertible stradbroke ferry crossing the sea to north stradbroke island side view of red range rover evoque convertible on beach
red range rover evoque parked outside discover stradbroke island accommodation liv phyland and friends doing the gorge walk on stradbroke island liv phyland and friends sand boarding on stradbroke island
red range rover evoque convertible driving on sand liv phyland and friends running into water at brown lake in dunwich liv phyland and friends kayaking on brown lake in dunwich

Liv Phyland's Surprise Adventure

Australian television presenter Liv Phyland is in Brisbane for a shoot when two close friends, Jodie and Charlie, surprise her with a girls' getaway once her work commitments are all wrapped up. Jumping in Liv's Range Rover Evoque Convertible the three head for the ferry, where fun on North Stradbroke Island waits at the other end of the short crossing.

First order of business on Stradbroke is to drop the car's top and hit the beach, the Evoque racing along the water's edge in style before the team find their spectacular holiday home and settle in for the night. A cheese platter and bottle of wine are the perfect accompaniment to the sun sinking into the Pacific Ocean, all enjoyed from the deck of their luxury accommodation.

The Gorge Walk at Main Beach kicks off day two, and a school of dolphins and a couple of turtles cruise past on cue as the girls marvel at Stradbroke's beauty. A sandboarding session followed by kayaking and swimming in Stradbroke's freshwater tea tree lake really gets the girls' adrenalin pumping as they explore the island’s many unsealed roads and sandy tracks.

With Liv refusing to return to the mainland it's fair to say that Jodie and Charlie did well with her surprise, and the Evoque proved itself a very capable partner for a few days of adventurous fun.

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